Preparing for Your Bridal Session

Bridal Portrait Sessions are among my absolute favorites! There is nothing better than putting on your wedding dress, getting dolled up and having an entire session dedicated to capturing how beautiful you look and feel! For many, Bridal Sessions are something they have never heard of… they have been popular in the South for years. And for others, it’s something only their Mom wants them to do. In my opinion, they are amazing! Even if you aren’t planning on displaying a Bridal Portrait on your day, I encourage each and every Bride to include one in their collection! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to test run your hair and make-up before your Wedding Day!

If you aren’t too keen on a Bridal Portrait Session, you might consider a Day After Session (scheduled any time after your Wedding Day) where we can capture some down-right-amazing portraits of you and your husband without the pressure of a time crunch or Day Of stress!

Your Location

What vibe are you going for in your portraits? This will play a large part in the decision of your location. Below are some great examples of how a location can impact your portrait setting. For a list of popular locations, check out this list!

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Hair & Make-Up

I always recommend professional hair and make-up for Engagement and Bridal Sessions. Professional Make-Up Artists know how to prepare you the best to have your photograph taken. They know how to highlight the best of your assets, and downplay any impurities in your skin, sheen, etc… Check out my Preferred Vendors page for some of my favorite Make-Up Artists! They are wonderful and if I could hire them to doll me up every single day, I would because they always make me feel like a rockstar! It’s well worth the time and money spent! Set up a hot date with your guy or a great Girls’ Night Out for after your session! You’ll feel like a million bucks!


Bouquet & Accessories

It always helps to have a bouquet at your Bridal Session, it gives you something to do with your hands, provides the opportunity for a variety of poses and always make you feel more like a bride! I recommend fresh flowers, as they always look better in your photographs than silk flowers. Talk to your florist, see if they will make you a sample bouquet that is similar to your wedding day flowers! Another alternative is to make your own, or take a photo to Whole Foods or Central Market – they can do a fabulous job of copying your dream bouquet at a fraction of the cost!

Accessories…. Don’t forget your jewelry, clean your Engagement Ring and bring your veil or headpiece!!!



I always recommend that my Brides bring a set of comfy shoes with them to their Bridal Session! Bring your pretty heels, but if you choose a field setting or somewhere like the Dallas Arboretum, you’re going to be doing a LOT of walking and it’s much easier to move from spot to spot in flats or flip-flops and put your heels on. Believe me, you’ll thank me later 😉


White Sheet

Something that can be a great asset to have at your Bridal Session is a simple, white flat sheet! You can pick one up at Walmart for less than $5! It helpful to have if you would like to be seated, or if you are concerned about your dress on grass or a dirty path. One of my brilliant brides cut a hole in the center of the sheet and stepped inside the hole, she carried the ends of the sheet and it pretty much bundled up her dress from the bottom up! This made it easy for her to carry her own dress and we dropped the sheet underneath the dress when we got to each spot.


(Behind the scenes look at Heather and her ingenious “White Sheet DIY Lifehack!”)
It fit underneath her in each of these shots


Have you envisioned something out of the “norm” for your Bridal Session? Maybe incorporate some fun, stylistic accessories, a sign with a sweet message, a stunning piece of furniture in the middle of a field – run with it! Below are a few fun ideas that we have mixed in with our beautiful Bridal Portraits at sessions!

2016-06-21_0002 2016-06-21_0003

Touch Ups

Don’t forget to bring a small bag with your touch up details! A few helpful suggestions are below!

Most importantly, bring someone with you! It will make it more fun, you’ll need help getting in and out of your dress, they will help coax you when they see something you might not be happy with or when you start feeling stiff.

  • Water
  • Powder
  • Concealer
  • Touch-up Lip Make-Up
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby Pins
  • Safety Pins
  • Wet Wipes (if you’re touching your face you can transfer make-up onto your dress or bouquet ribbon)
  • Extra Shoes
  • Any Props or Extra Accessories
  • Jacket or Wrap (for colder weather)